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Pumpkin Soundtrack

I'm looking for the titles of the songs on the soundtrack of the movie Pumpkin. I'm looking for one song in particular but I have no damn clue what the title is. Even google doesn't want to help me.

Pumpkin Soundtrack

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(From IMDB)

Soundtracks for
Pumpkin (2002)

Please note that songs listed here (and in the movie credits) cannot always be found on CD soundtracks. Please check CD track details for confirmation.

"Sorority Theme"
Composed by Robert Hackl (as Bob Hackl), Ken Stange and John Ottman

"Fraternity Men's Choir"
Written by Robert Hackl (as Bob Hackl) and Ken Stange
Performed by Sourcerer

Written by S.G. Raham
Performed by Webley Edwards
Courtesy of Capitol Records
Under license from EMI-Capitol Music Special Markets

"If You Go Away"
Written by Jacques Brel, Rod McKuen
Performed by Emiliana Torrini
Courtesy of One Little Indian Ltd. / Virgin Records America Inc.

"Back Yard B.B.Q."
Written by Robert Hackl (as Bob Hackl) and Ken Stange
Performed by Sourcerer

"Challenged Games Fanfare"
Written by Robert Hackl (as Bob Hackl) and Ken Stange
Performed by Sourcerer

"Sorority Song"
Music by Robert Hackl (as Bob Hackl) and Ken Stange
Lyrics by Adam Larson Broder

"Falling from Grace"
Written by Isobel Campbell (II)
Performed by Gentle Waves
Courtesy of Jeepster Records

"The Stars of Track and Field"
Written by Isobel Campbell (II), Richard Colburn, Mick Cooke,
Christopher Geddes, Stuart David, Stephen Jackson, Sarah Martin (IV)
and Stuart Murdoch (II)
Performed by Belle and Sebastian
Courtesy of Matador Records and Jeepster Recordings Ltd.

"The Bees in the Trees"
Written by Jonathan Abrams and Anthony Lacques
Performed by Jonny Corralitos
Courtesy of Shady Mountain Records

Written by Jonathan Donahue, Sean Mackowiack, Adam Snyder and David Fridman
Performed by Mercury Rev
Courtesy of V2 Records Inc.

"Wipe Out"
Written by Robert Berryhill, Patrick Connolly, James Fuller and Ronald Wilson
Performed by the Surfaris
Courtesy of Dominion Entertainment Inc.
By arrangement with Celebrity Licensing Inc.


My bet is you're looking for "If You Go Away"

Pumpkin Soundtrack

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That helps a lot. I'm not sure yet which one it is, cause I don't know the names of them, but I know it's not a the Jacques Brel song. That song is a true french classic anyway.

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