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on-the-fly encoding

I was just wonder if the use of on-the-fly encoding in cdex whil ripping to lame vbr-new- q5 will have a afect on the quality of the file as compaired to ripping to wav in cdex and then converting.

I did a search and all I found was people moaning about how EAC didn't support this, that obiously didn't answer my questions! 


~ Danny

Edit: Will there be any difference in 128 CBR either?

on-the-fly encoding

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No difference. Wether data is posted to the encoder through a pipe or through a file on your disk does not matter, as long as it is the same data (which it should be).

And don't you use CBR ;-)


on-the-fly encoding

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... And Btw, EAC also supports on-the-fly encoding through lame_enc.dll, so those people moaning about that must be pretty clueless...

on-the-fly encoding

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I didn't know eac could use lame_enc.dll, you learn something new everyday!

Thanks for your help guys!

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