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need opinion on midi controllers plz.

I just ordered an E-MU Xboard 25 and afterwards happened to read a couple of bad user reviews on reliability of these. Having second thoughts, and ran into a recommendation for Edirol's PCR-M30, which looks more professional, and has more in/out interfaces, and has 8 sliders and 8 knobs, instead of 16 knobs on the EMU, which i think can be more comfortable to work with.

i have not been able to find any reviews on the M30, so i dont know what to think. Sweetwater sells both, so i guess worst case scenario i can hope they would exchange one for the other since they're the same price....those sliders are very tempting.

any preferences from users on sliders vs knobs? i'm just starting out and getting my feet wet here.



need opinion on midi controllers plz.

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I've got Edirol's PCR-M30, I bought it past february.

It works quite well out-of-the-box. you plug the usb in, it gets detected, and you're ready to go. The CD contains demo programs, and a program to reprogram those buttons/sliders&knobs to other MIDI commands.

I have little experience with MIDI hardware anyway, but i don't thing this one is bad. about sliders vs knobs... both have their place. sliders on the edirol don't have the central point, while knobs do.

Oh.. and it works in linux with ALSA drivers!

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