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Topic: Have a foobar with ggod navigation and smaller playlist window (Read 2599 times) previous topic - next topic
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Have a foobar with ggod navigation and smaller playlist window


(I'm french so sorry for my poor english)

This is my actual foobar.

But I was used to have musicmatch jukebox player where you have the main window for the library navigation and a small window for the playlist.

I really prefer this kind of system because most of the time I do small playlist and with songs from differents artists.

So I try to apply this at foobar, but I'm a little noob with this software so I ask for your help.

I want this type of presentation, I left clic on an artist in the album list panel, and I have the different album and sings wich appear in the single column playlist with covers, clear presentation...

But the problem is that the left clic doesn't only show the album's artist, it also send them into the playlist.

If I put off autoseed to playlist in the option of album list panel (it's my actual foobar) I have to navigate by the small window of the panel and I don't have no more the covers and every informations wich is write in single column playlist.

So I've tryed to put a playlist panel and active auto send to playlist in album list panel, and what I expect is when I will clic on an artist in the album list panel, all the album and song will be dispayed in the single column playlist and then, when I double clic on a song in the single column playlist, it will be send to a new playlist in the panel instead of being played immediatly.

But for the moment I have this.

The problem is that the playlist panel display what is inside the single column playlist. It's not an other playlist, it's the same one but not displayed in the same column.

I don't know if I have choose the good way to optain what I want (the library dispalyed in the same way and same play as the single column playlist and the playlist in the panel with less informations then now, just artist and track's title)

Maybe there a simpler way then using two playlists one for having good display and a second smaller as real playlist to have the song I want to listen.

I hope I've been clear, if it's not I can make more sceenshots to explain what I want.

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