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Anyone here help me out with some LUA?

Im trying to complete a LUA script thats for the PSP thats able to remotely control foobar2000 though controlserver. Everything was going smoothly untill I started retreving tracklists.
Information sent gets split upon finding a "\n" for splitting lines and then retreving the data on those lines is done by finding a "|".
I just expect a number in the first field but sometimes the script jumps to a section in the line and adds that to the result...
For example: 601601601601601601601601601esk_-_excuses601601601
"601" is given to an inactive track on a playlist and "esk_-_excuses" happens to be the title of the track. But I specificly asked for the first field so I dont understand why the title is there.
The socket gets polled for information continuously after a connection is established with the controlserver

If there is someone that can help me, Ill copy and paste the important parts of the code.

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