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Re: foo_upnp

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Hi, UPnP beginner here asking for some help :)
Goal : stream my foobar library over the internet to my Android phone
Current steps :
  • Installed foo_upnp and restarted foobar
  • Activated "Allow internet access" on foobar prefs > UPnP, with all relevant info
  • Configured port forwarding on my LAN router for the TCP port used by foo_upnp
  • Installed BubbleUPnP on my Android phone
What must I do on BubbleUPnP (or any other equivalent app) for this to work ?
On BubbleUPnP prefs > Cloud, I see a number of services (Qobuz, TIDAL, etc.), but nothing that'd allow me to connect to my foo_upnp server.
Thank you.


Re: foo_upnp

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Tracks with multiple artists in the Media Library Tree?

In the Media Library Tree, I'd like to split up the %artist% or %album artist% tag if it contains multiple values. In foo_upnp_ml_tree.xml, I'm using the following code to try and achieve this:

Code: [Select]
	<SubTree label="Artists" query="muco PRESENT">
<spec type="object.container.genre.musicGenre">%&lt;genre&gt;%</spec>
<spec type="object.container.person.musicArtist">%&lt;album artist&gt;%</spec>
<spec type="object.container.album.musicAlbum">%album%</spec>

%muco% is a custom tag that I use.
%&lt;genre&gt;% works fine for splitting up the %genre% tag, but at the moment I'm only using single word genre names.
%&lt;album artist&gt;% is giving me problems. It works, but it sees not only semicolons but also regular commas as a delimiter. So if I have an album with Davis, Miles; Coltrane, John as artist value, it gets split up like this:


Does somebody know how I can make the tree treat only the semicolon as a delimiter?

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