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Re: Library Tree Discussion

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When the active playlist is an autoplaylist, the right-click menu of 'Send to New Playlist' is grayed out. Can it be modified to be clickable?

Re: Library Tree Discussion

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First of all thank you for all of your effort and work!
Your tree is an essential element of my foobar! I'm really loving it :)!

As I updated last week your component, a sorting problem with the track numbers occured... and also releases with more than two discs do not display as usually.
I checked various other sources for this problem but it really seems to correlate with your component.
Propably it has something to do if someone uses one or two digit for tracknumbers.
To illustrate the problem; two screens!

I just overwrote the blank entry "Playlist: custom sort" in the properties with a sort order to my mind and now everything is fine!


Re: Library Tree Discussion

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Ah, yes!
Thank you! Now everything is like it was and should be!

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