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bug in 0.3a

I just upgraded to 0.3a a few minutes ago, and once I started to play music, I noticed the mem used by the player skyrocketed. It jumped all the way up to around 300 megs. I restarted it, and as I'm sitting here typing this it's about to hit 90 megs. Mem usage increases as long as there is a track playing. If you minimize foobar, it’ll drop back down to a normal amount, around 600k.. and then it'll start to increase again.

bug in 0.3a

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Mine is OK, going around 2 to 3,5 megs.

Try deleting foodbar2000.cfg and set up everything again.


bug in 0.3a

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Wow, okay.. that fixed it. Much nicer now hehe.  thanks 

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