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Request: album review window

Dear members,

I'm using foobar with skin called nightlife ( and I would like to know how I can add another panel which will display album review taken from a text file stored in the album folder. Alternately, if there is a plugin which can automatically take this information from website, it will be wonderful but I can settle for the manual option of copying the information from the website and save it to a local text file inside the relevant folder.

I know there is a popular BIO panel which displays information from or similar, but its general information about the band itself, and I'm interested in specific information about the album itself.

Many thanks for the helpers and I'm sorry if I'm posting it in the wrong forum.

Kind Regards,


Request: album review window

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the biography component can call external scripts and display the content in it's panel. another forum member (romor) has a made a script which pulls album reviews from allmusic. see here:

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