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Trying to find the correct pressings

I am trying to locate the correct pressing but I think I am doing it incorrectly. I found the albums on MusicBrainz Metallica Kill 'Em All and also on Metallica Kill 'Em All but how do you find the correct one on MusicBrainz? From a look at the spine I have (9 60766-2 | Bar Code: 0 7559-60766-2 3) and (BLCKND003-2 | Bar Code: 8 56115 00447 7). The CTDB TOCID is the same for both. I was trying to verify the correct pressing from MusicBrainz but even checking the DISC ID's tab under the album manually I still couldn't find matches but it's been ripped a few hundred times. I think I am looking it up incorrectly.

The other album is Bryan Adams - Reckless. Both of those CD's show the same information on the back and spine (CD 5013 DIDX 140 | Bar Code: 0 7502-15013-2) but the CTDB TOCID's are different when ripped (XwsHrwO.Y6f6_DVtp1EGkR6w684- and Go3aEe8a_fzY1m8BwEqOBPh.9jE-).

I was trying to use the strings next to the symbols on the left side of the screen to match the correct pressing on MusicBrainz but I think I am missing a step.

Re: Trying to find the correct pressings

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I am not sure how to edit posts, if you can, so I added here. There is a slight difference between the two Reckless CD's a Y that I didn't notice before. The Y version couldn't be verified at zero offset but fine in CUETools. Either way I can't seem to find either on MusicBrainz like the Kill 'Em All CD's.

(CD 5013 DIDX 140 | Bar Code: 0 7502-15013-2)
(CD 5013 DIDY 140 | Bar Code: 0 7502-15013-2)

Basically I was just trying to figure the correct pressing using the AR or CTBD ID against MusicBrainz so I could add a small addendum to the folder name when I have multiple CD's of the same pressing. I was hoping for some more useful than 1, 2, 3, etc. :)


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