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Going from APE to FLAC

Hi all,

I've seen very old posts on this problem, and I've tried the solutions suggested therein, but to no avail.

I am trying to convert a single large APE file into multiple FLAC files - one per track.  so for this disc i have the APE, the CUE and the EAC log (though I'd note this reports v1.0 of EAC...)

When I try to get CUETools to split the APE up, I get a message: the indexes need to be in chronological order.  The original cue file is attached: Joseph Hayden ... - Copy.cue.

So one suggestion was to drop the Index 00 entries.  Tried that - the first index needs to point to the start of the file.  So the follow up suggestion was to edit the Track 1 index to point at 00:00:00.  Again no joy - same message: First index must start at the beginning of the file.  so I've attached the second cue as well.

Interestingly VLS is cool with any/all of these...

So I'm tired and frustrated right now, and probably missing something extremely obvious.  I hope someone is willing to have a look here and tell me what it is I'm doing wrong!

Other than that, pretty happy at present with the product!



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