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compression, along with copmressing album art

I was wondering, is there any way that while compressing lossless files to ogg vorbis or mp3's or whatever lossy file format, there is a program that could also simultaneously compress the album art?  I keep all my music files in lossless when available and tag high resolution images for album art, but when I add them to my mobile, it can't hold all of the information so I compress to ogg vorbis.  however, it doesn't compress the images contained in the album art as well.  I'd like to be able to compress down to about 300 x 300 pixels, or some maximum file size.  does anybody know how to do this en masse?


compression, along with copmressing album art

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It doesn't appear there is a way to do this automatically in foobar. You would need to downsize the image in an image editor, then adding the smaller image into the compressed files. Maybe there's a plugin or something I'm not aware of,  so maybe wait for more replies.

This is the reason I personally do not use embedded album art - 10 or 20 copies of the cover per album seems like a huge inefficiency to me. While having a 1"x1" thumbnail on my portable player would be nice eye candy, I'm not really looking at the player anyway, I'm listening to it. (At home I do look at the album art occasionally and foobar has me covered there)

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