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Please be aware that much of the software linked to or mentioned on this forum is niche and therefore infrequently downloaded. Lots of anti-virus scanners and so-called malware detectors like to flag infrequently downloaded software as bad until it is either downloaded enough times, or its developer actually bothers with getting each individual release allow listed by every single AV vendor. You can do many people a great favor when encountering such a "problem" example by submitting them to your AV vendor for examination. For almost everything on this forum, it is a false positive.
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XviD v1.1.1 released

XviD v1.1.1 (bugfix release) is out.

binaries by celtic_druid or wait for Koepi.


xvidcore library
    * Fixed bug when frame-drop (N-VOP) feature is used in combination with packed B-frames
    * Fix for premature EOF in xvid_decraw example
    * Fixed potential crash on Intel EMT64 architecture
    * Several fixes for IA64 platform (patch by Thomas Koeckerbauer)
    * Fix for visual_object_verid vs. video_object_layer_verid problem
    * Ensure intervening bytes are preserved in BitstreamInit()

VFW frontend
    * Prevent segfault when encoding application calls compress_end with NULL codec context (PerfectDark at yandex dot ru)
    * Profile definitions updates

DShow frontend
    * Add missing debug.c
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XviD v1.1.1 released

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Koepi's build is done. Updated to 1.1.2 to fix a minor bug (which he says normal users should not be affected by).

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