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[crashware] foo_input_mslive

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Hey, as I reinstalled my computer and updated to WinXP Sp3 and WMP 11, i also updated my foobar and components to the latest versions.
Now I have a problem with foo_input_mslive.dll.

I use for example this file:

Code: [Select]
<asx version="3.0">

<ref href=""/>


The first time I try to play this stream, it works just fine. But the second time I try to open it, foobar freezes.

This also happens with other locations like:

I am not really sure what is needed for the component in the meantime, I copied wmvcore.dll to c:\program files\foobar2000

Is there anything else I need to copy? Or am I doing anything else wrong?

[crashware] foo_input_mslive

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This plugin plays MMS very nicely—thanks for your work! However, I've run into a problem with the stream at rtsp://, which Windows Media Player and Media Player Classic open successfully; when I use File > mslive streams > Add stream url > rtsp:// (Detect), foobar2000's console reports:
could not enumerate tracks (cannot connect to any of the referenced urls) on:

I'm using version 0.4.7 of foo_input_mslive.dll with version of foobar2000.

I would really appreciate it if you could explain and remedy this!

[crashware] foo_input_mslive

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You should visit his blog and ask there.

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[crashware] foo_input_mslive

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Ah, thank you, Squeller! Had you not said that, I would've waited for a long time.

[crashware] foo_input_mslive

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I've just discovered this component. It works very well, thanks a lot!

could someone help me find out the url of this stream? :

edit: nevermind, I found it, but the url is dynamic, it changes every minute or so! >.<

I guess there's no way around this, right?

[crashware] foo_input_mslive

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As Acropolis' site is down, does anyone have a copy of the most recent foo_input_mslive (0.4.9 I believe)?  Thanks!

[crashware] foo_input_mslive

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It is 0.4.8. I must have misstyped in megaupload.

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