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Skin Installation problem

I downloaded a skin from

and after installing it and rerunning, foobar upon starting does not work properly and opens up to a new page that looks nothing like what it used to. I think it retains some of the functions, but it looks vastly different (not in terms of new skin, in fact the original is still there, but all the buttons have dissapeared). The error mssg on start up is as follows:

The following components are incompatible with this foobar2000 version and will function partially or incorrectly:
- foo_ui_panels.dll : Panels UI
- foo_uie_powerpanels.dll : Seek Panel, Volume Panel
Please update these components to their latest versions if possible.

Is there a way i can install/use this skin properly? If that fails, could someone suggest how to get rid of the thing so things could go back to the way they were before? (though, id rather experiment and find something new if possible before giving up)

I have updated to the most recent version of foobar today.

Thank you for any help, very much.


Skin Installation problem

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You may want to check out the stickies posted, such as:

You need to reverse the install you have done. Asking whoever provided the config would be the best option.


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