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Rating System

I've done a fair bit of searching for an addon to foobar that lets me rate songs, but coming up empty.  There is a foo_rating that has been banned for violating the SDK, as well as a Samurize configuration but with a broken link.

I've been told that adding the %rating% tag would be fairly easy, but I have not messed with the program enough to make this change.

So is there a plugin that I missed that allows me to rate and, if possible, choose higher rated songs to play more often?  I imagine organizing songs by their rating would be simple with columns UI.

Rating System

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There is no plugin because adding that %rating% tag is so simple to use. This screenshot has practically everything you need.

Basically, %rating% is a tag / metadata to keep track of any kind of information in this case rating. Right click on a song and go to tagging -> manage scripts. Look at the Masstagger window now at the top right in the screenshot. Click add -> set value -> choose field value as: rating -> choose rating as: 5 -> Go to script name and name it 5 then hit save. Repeat the these steps for 4, 3, 2, 1. So now you are able to add %rating% tags to your songs with the values 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 it is not convenient to actually rate your songs going through this each and every time which is why we we saved them as scripts after each step. Now when you go into preferences (Ctrl+P) go to General -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Add New -> Type in the filter -> Context 5 -> Choose the Action called Context / Playlist / Tagging / Scripts 5. Assign a hotkey, I prefer to make mine global. Repeat this for 4, 3, 2, 1 and now your set. Basically what this last step does is your just made a hotkey to assign %rating% tags of 5,4,3,2,1  in relationship to the song selected on the playlist. This mean whatever song you have selected, if you pressed your hotkey for the script, it will label it as so.

Lastly, now in order to actually see these ratings, you need a new make a new column in Columns UI. Make a heading name of "Rating" or whatever you want but you want it to display this "$repeat($char(9733),%rating%)" this converts the integers into stars, you don't have to use stars you can assign any character to it really. Hope this helps

Rating System

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Good for the most part, but I am having character issues, other characters work, just not 9733 giving me stars.

Second problem is that the hotkeys don't work...  Should be easy, but seems correct, but no end result. Right Click -> Tagging -> Scripts -> 5/4/3/2/1 works fine.

And it's not a huge issue, but curious as to why I can't set the script hotkey to Shift + Ctrl + Num #, it just doesn't detect Shift.  using Ctrl + Alt + Num # as shown in the picture.

Rating System

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You need a font that supports stars . Arial Unicode is the one I use.

Code: [Select]

for Rating "stars" in the Playlist view


Code: [Select]

for filled/empty stars

I use the Quick Tagger to rate songs (context menu and/or keyboard shortcuts); it's a bit less cumbersome than masstagger.

Rating System

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The hotkey choose the context playlist action over the just context one and it should work. I am not sure about the hotkey problem, the only reason I can think of it not detecting is either the key is broke or there is already an existing hotkey that uses those specific keys.

Rating System

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WOW!!! Thank you sooooo much man. I've been trying to get these ratings to work for the longest time and I could never get it. Thanks again... This should be stickied for n00bs like me.

Rating System

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Or a foo application.

-I just reinstalled foobar with some mods and I don't have the rating system back, but I was too lazy to look through the forums again.  Then I got an email saying someone had posted something in it.      thanks man!

Rating System

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^lol. thats funny. right when you need it i post in it.

Rating System

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Pretty cool script. Has anyone been able to get masstagger rate the current song?


Rating System

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Pretty cool script. Has anyone been able to get masstagger rate the current song?

context/now playing I think. I use quick tagger now (no windows, ever).

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