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Topic: WMA converting (encoding) error w/fb2k 0.9.4 & (Read 1465 times) previous topic - next topic
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WMA converting (encoding) error w/fb2k 0.9.4 &

I have set to convert monkey audio file into WMA with the following settings:

WMA Standard, Quality-based VBR

Encoder: C:\Program Files\Windows Media Components\Encoder\WMCmd.vbs
Extension: wma
Parameters: -silent -a_codec WMA9STD -a_mode 2 -a_setting Q75_44_2 -input %s -output %d
Format is: lossy
Highest BPS mode supported: 24
Encoder name: WMA Standard
Bitrate: <blank>
Settings: VBR quality-based

However, I got an error message - Error flushing file (Object not found)

What's wrong with it.

Could someone give further advice. Thanks a lot.

WMA converting (encoding) error w/fb2k 0.9.4 &

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Have you installed Windows Media Encoder and is the path to WMCmd.vbs correct? What is the destination filename?  (A filename like "- _ - 1.wma" won't work.)

If you still encounter a problem, please post a log from foobar2000 -> View -> Console.

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