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"Remove duplicates" doesn't work

I even tried with foobar 0.94 installed in a new folder (so no component should interfere).

"Remove duplicates" doesn't work

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not sure if I understand what your doing...

your remove files... and want your platlists to reflect this?

if they are static playlists then this won't happen AFAIK... autoplaylists could do this I believe...

but maybe explain more of what you are doing (or trying to accomplish) and maybe we can help more...

"Remove duplicates" doesn't work

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When on a playlist, I go to the main menu : edit, remove duplicates.
This feature is useful to delete entries that are redundant.
For example, if there is the same file several times (like 2, 3 or 6548), foobar only keeps 1 (one) entry in the playlist.
Some times ago I dropped severals playlists of my favorites songs, to "merge" my favorites, just like a history of what I liked, and of course, same files occurs 2 or 3 times.

So, to shorten my playlist, I clicked on "remove duplicates", which was working on foobar 0.931, but seems it doesn't work on 0.94.

I even tried with a new "fresh" install of foobar 0.94 to be sure if it was not due to some addon, but it still was not working. Then I'm here, failing to detail my problem.

"Remove duplicates" doesn't work

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I'm not sure if qty of songs or such has anyhing to do with it as I only tested with two files...

foobar 9.4

First I added the same song twice to the same playlist.... click remove duplicates and one of them is removed (as expected)

Second I copied that song (through windows explorer) to a new folder and added that file to the playlist (same song added from two differnt physical files)... click remove duplicates and I still have two files... so it would appear that the remove duplicates is probably basing "duplicate" off of the file path and not the file tags or filename alone...

I can see this happeneing if you have multiple CD's (or files) of the same song (such as I do at home with regular albums and their greatest hits versions)... does yours beave as I've described...?

not sure if you do, but you can add %path% to your display script to show physical location of a track... that way could temporarily ive you another way of seeing if these tracks are the same physical file...

"Remove duplicates" doesn't work

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No, I was talking about the SAME file, at the SAME location, I already checked the m3u file.
With a text editor and monospace font the path look like quite the same but I did not check the %path% column (which I already have, but kept 16 pixels large, just to sort in one click) : I noticed the path was shorter, and I saw it was because of one letter with a different case. The weird thing is that I have 3 paths in the m3u file, 2 with higher case and one with lower case, and no one gets away, still every file plays (already tried "remove dead items", still nothing).

I exported the playlist to m3u and reopened it with the default foobar, first good thing there are 2 and no 3 entries, and "remove duplicates" worked.
Now I can fix that playlist. I don't if there is an option in foobar to consider case. Anyway, it is maybe not a bug, I hope I did something wrong.

"Remove duplicates" doesn't work

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I can't be certain what your using your playlists with besides foobar... but are all the problems with m3u playlists... have you tried using the foobar native playlists (.fpl)...

just a thought...

"Remove duplicates" doesn't work

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I tried them both, and it seemed to work better with m3u, maybe because it remember the full path. Anyway the playlist are saved in FPL in a temporary folder in foobar/playlists.

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