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Topic: [File Integrity Verifier - v1.0.1] fails to detect corruption (Read 2035 times) previous topic - next topic
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[File Integrity Verifier - v1.0.1] fails to detect corruption

I used the File Integrity Verifier for checking guruboolez' intentionally corrupted APE/WV files here and it turned out that either Integrity Checker or the built-in WavPack decoder (foobar2000 v0.9.4) fails to detect the corruption.

I have only tested it with those sample provided by guruboolez, so it either might as well be a random thing.

[File Integrity Verifier - v1.0.1] fails to detect corruption

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Fixed, thanks for the report.
Updated foo_input_std.dll (for use with 0.9.4 only) attached to the post.

[File Integrity Verifier - v1.0.1] fails to detect corruption

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I tried, and the corrupted WavPack files was successfully detected. But the flake one isn't. I don't know if the problem lies on flake side or on foobar2000. I tried with FLACTester freeware :

Code: [Select]
[1/4]    C:\temp audio\E37_PERIOD_CHAMBER_G_violin_pianoforte_CLEAN.flac...OK
[2/4]    C:\temp audio\E37_PERIOD_CHAMBER_G_violin_pianoforte_CLEAN.flake.flac...OK
[3/4]    C:\temp audio\E37_PERIOD_CHAMBER_G_violin_pianoforte_CORRUPTED.flac...ERROR_LOST_SYNC @ 0m 0s
[4/4]    C:\temp audio\E37_PERIOD_CHAMBER_G_violin_pianoforte_CORRUPTED.flake.flac...ERROR_FRAME_CRC_MISMATCH @ 0m 0s
4 files, 2 errors [3,4]
Both flac and flake corrupted files are detected

With foobar2000 0.94:
Code: [Select]
Item: "C:\temp audio\E37_PERIOD_CHAMBER_G_violin_pianoforte_CLEAN.ape"
No problems found.

Item: "C:\temp audio\E37_PERIOD_CHAMBER_G_violin_pianoforte_CLEAN.flac"
No problems found.

Item: "C:\temp audio\E37_PERIOD_CHAMBER_G_violin_pianoforte_CLEAN.flake.flac"
No problems found.

Item: "C:\temp audio\E37_PERIOD_CHAMBER_G_violin_pianoforte_CLEAN.wv"
No problems found.

Item: "C:\temp audio\E37_PERIOD_CHAMBER_G_violin_pianoforte_CORRUPTED.ape"
Error: Unsupported format or corrupted file

Item: "C:\temp audio\E37_PERIOD_CHAMBER_G_violin_pianoforte_CORRUPTED.flac"
Warning: Reported length is inaccurate : 0:14.384172 vs 0:14.279683 decoded

Item: "C:\temp audio\E37_PERIOD_CHAMBER_G_violin_pianoforte_CORRUPTED.flake.flac"
No problems found.

Item: "C:\temp audio\E37_PERIOD_CHAMBER_G_violin_pianoforte_CORRUPTED.wv"
Error: File is corrupted (CRC error)

2 items could not be decoded.
1 item decoded with minor problems.

List of undecodable items:
"C:\temp audio\E37_PERIOD_CHAMBER_G_violin_pianoforte_CORRUPTED.ape"
"C:\temp audio\E37_PERIOD_CHAMBER_G_violin_pianoforte_CORRUPTED.wv"

List of decodable but problematic items:
"C:\temp audio\E37_PERIOD_CHAMBER_G_violin_pianoforte_CORRUPTED.flac"

-> flake corrupted encoding is reported as OK.

FLAKE encoding is available here:

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