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Topic: Matroska -> wavpack_reader: non-audio block found (Read 3387 times) previous topic - next topic
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Matroska -> wavpack_reader: non-audio block found

getting this error when trying to make matroska mka with latest mkvmerge GUI and lready mka file not loading in foobar2000 

anyone can help me ?

Matroska -> wavpack_reader: non-audio block found

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Current mka input component doesn't support WavPack format.

Matroska -> wavpack_reader: non-audio block found

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Ayana is working on a Wavpack packet decoder since about one week now, and according to Liisachan it is working for non-hybrid Wavpack in MKA already.

matroska project admin

Matroska -> wavpack_reader: non-audio block found

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I get the same error with mkvmerge 1.7.0 and Matroska Pack Full v1.1.2, but files are playable in f2k with newest matroska-plugin.
Also files are reported to be bit-identical to the sources, so basically we can ignore this error message?
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Matroska -> wavpack_reader: non-audio block found

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Just so you know, I was told today that even a hybrid WavPack in mka plays perfectly on fb2k with foo_packet_decoder_wavpack-0.9.1.
(foo_input_matroska >= required.)

I quick-checked the source and found that Ayana (that plugin author from Japan) is using Toff's code from CoreWavPack in a simple and clean way, and this thing is as reliable as Corewavpack. Roughly, at least. By the way, Haali's latest splitter (that splits AVI/OGM/MKV/MP4) released a few days ago now works for Hybrid WavPack in mka too, with CoreWavPack. I tested it against Hybrid and the result is bit identical. Last time I checked Gabest's splitter doesn't like Hybrid WavPack.

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