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Compress hybrid wavpack files


I am using this forum for the first time so hopefully it will be right.

I have used EAC and Wavpack to backup a cd. I tried the lossy compression and saved the correction file .wvc to the same folder

I am not sure how it works when I try to convert to mp4 with nero AAC encoder using Foobar2000. Will it use the information saved in correction file when converting to mp4 so it will make a lossless wavfile before compressing to mp4?

If not I go for lossless mode in wavpack and then compress to mp4 using foobar2000. 


Compress hybrid wavpack files

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The decoder will read the correction file if its present. So your .mp4 will be converted from a lossless source. Just convert using foobar.
wavpack 4.8 -b3hx4cl

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