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WMA9, any test done?

WMA 9 is much better than WMA 8 (for me), no more over brightness at mid/high bitrates!
  WMA 9 Professional is even better in handling high-end frequency than WMA 9 . But WMA 9 Pro has more artifacts than WMA 9. WMA 9 Pro seems to handle super sharp attacks better than Ogg at 128 kbps! Although WMA 9 Pro sharp attacks is different from the original, but it is still much better than Ogg "Watery" attack at 128 kbps!

  Am I right with my test? Anyone please?

Codec & Settings

OGG 128 kbps  = -q 4.5
WMA 9 Pro 128 kbps = Windows Media Audio 9 Professional, 128 kbps, 88 kHz, 2 channel, 24 bit

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