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Has anyone tried lossless WMA?

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Not that anyone here needs reminding where MS is coming from but ....
At a recent music conference in Cannes, France, Microsoft said it had developed technology to allow music companies to record two sets of identical songs on a compact disc, one that could be played on a home or car stereo and the other, called second session, that could be copied to a personal computer. The second-session songs would have limitations, perhaps barring consumers from sharing files or copying songs onto another disc.

BTW, the article is pretty interesting for a general-audience article, if only because it shows the media is finally getting a clue that the issues in the music biz much wider than file swapping - the most explicit discussion of the fact that video games and DVDs are where the $ are going, too:

Twilight Of The CD? Not If It Can Be Reinvented

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Has anyone tried lossless WMA?

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Great, now we'll have tons of clueless idiots ripping CDs with WMP and claiming they're "perfect copies". At least with FLAC you kinda have to know what you're doing, which means you'll almost definitely use a good ripper (EAC, etc).

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Has anyone tried lossless WMA?

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X-Fixer > not to mention that portable players will hardly give you enough quality to distinguish between lossy and lossless

Out of curiosity...what do you base that on? Have any facts or is that just a personal view?

You can spend $25,000 on a CD player (by that Japanese guy) and ABX it against a $200 Sony...and your results would be "I can't tell the difference...dammit!!!...I just wasted 25 grand on this?...what will my wife say?...I'm going to kill that salesman!...god have mercy on my soul"

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Has anyone tried lossless WMA?

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mostly my personal point of view and the fact that I have to connect my soundcard to hi-fi system (instead of average set of speakers) to hear a little difference "on average music" (comparing to mpc and good mp3s).

also, you don't sit at home and listen to portables, do you? when I use portables it's usually rather noisy around.

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