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GAPLESS Playback now in iPods - New!

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clunesy, the 5.5G iPods require iTunes 7.0 and above so that is out of the question.

You can use iTunes 7.0.2 to sync only videos, just don't add any audio to your iTunes library.  Then tell iTunes not to automatically sync anything.  Then just drag-and-drop your videos into iTunes, edit their tags, then just drag-and-drop your videos onto your iPod through iTunes.  So you can use iTunes only to sync videos if that is what you want, just make sure to take off auto syncing features.  Even then, you can have iTunes automatically only sync your videos onto your iPod while leaving all your audio alone (like I said, just don't add it to your iTunes library).

GAPLESS Playback now in iPods - New!

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Even if you turn off autosync, when you drag the videos to the ipod, itune 7.x wades in and starts scanning for gapless tracks, and in turn, destroys all customisation of your itunesDB for the tracks it looks at. There is no way to make it not start doing this. You can click stop, but by this time, it has altered 3 or 4 tracks, and you don't know what they are to go and repair them.

I'm able to use 6.0.5 to load videos, as my ipod is 5G original. I can't upgrade until there is a way to disable gapless calculation, or a workaround. I asked about 5.5Gs and 6.0.5 because my sister has one, and I'll have to load it for her.

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