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How to Organize a Public Listening Test?

Dear all,

Could we please discuss how one can organize a proper public Listening Tests? Granted, not all of you have done it... but I hope Roberto and Sebastian Mares will share some of their wisdom... and also the rest of you who had the related experience.

Oh, and here's the link to the HAK article:

I do hope that we discuss this subject first before delving into building the page; surely we don't want a page that keeps having major revisions, do we? Let's just settle the main issues first; later the details can be painted, repainted, and re-repainted to our hearts' content.

How to Organize a Public Listening Test?

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Ahhh... never knew that such venture has been explored before...

So! Roberto, my man! Any such luck finishing up the PDF document? Would you mind if your brain gets dumped into the HAK?

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