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Funny - ease of use

I started using foobar because it gives me some options that otherwise requires other programs or exotic procedures. To be honest, I also like "alternative" software.

After that, I've been trying xmplay. I'm of the opinion that sound differences are not that obvious for the regular user, but xm sounded really clear and loud, maybe more than foobar. Is that true?

Anyway, ironically, I keep going back to foobar because it's so friendly for me to use. The library is natural like on no other programs, maybe because it's the first option, not a click to use it, it's there.  Getting tags, renaming file names according to tag values... it's so easy...
OK, I work with software, but maybe because of that, I find it so clear and straightforward.

It's funny that so many people automatically find it "difficult" because it doesn't look like the regular plastic player.

For me, keeping all my music organized in directories, dragging a top one with the band's name, and seing all the albums correctly displayed for me to play... I've seen no other program to perform that so efficiently.

If xmplay is really more clear, I don't know. It sounds louder, I think, but I'm not qualified enough to judge quality. For all it's worth, I'm sure foobar is the one I'll go back everytime.

Just some thoughts...


Funny - ease of use

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Perhaps xmplay is applying some sort of DSP to its output? There are a few 'sound enhancement' DSPs floating around for foobar, it might even be a dynamic range compressor considering you said it was 'louder'. Could you post samples of the output from foobar and xmplay with the same input file? Assuming you're not using any exotic output methods (KS or ASIO) recording 'Wave/What You Hear' (or whatever your drivers call it) with sound recorder should suffice.

Edit: According to this xmplay supports 'Automatic gain control' which may be why it sounds louder.

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