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Ranglist of Encoder's and Bitrate's NEED HELP!


I will do a Ranglist of Quality including all available encoders and audiocodecs (like mpc, aac, ogg, mp3 with lame, blade, xing....)
I have done some listening test over the last years. The know how of this lovely site    helps me with my hobby 

Well, i think its important for me to to tell my friends how horrible many mp3 encoders sounds. and that 128kb/s mp3 is NOT CD Quality.

I Using MPC with q5 or q6 and for compatibility Lame 3.90.2 or 3.92 with presets standard or extreme. both sounds good for me, but mpc is a lot better.

OK i think i have stressed you enough with my horrible english 

below you can see a ranglist of encoders and bitrates of my choice. sure its not complete. ogg, aac and mppro are missing at this time due to inexperienced of myself with these formats.
well, i know the list is not 100% accurate. it should be only a raw overview of quality.
Maybe you can help me to expand and correct my list.
The Quality Index is: 1 = Excellent, 2 = good, 3 = average, et cetera 5+6 are bad.

1+   MPC   Xtreme, Insane
1   MPC   Standard

2+   Lame   Insane
2   Lame   Standard, Extreme, CBR und VBR ~256kb/s-350kb/s
2   FHG   ~320kb/s, ~256kb/s

3+   FHG   ~192kb/s
3+   Lame   ~192kb/s
3+   Gogo   ~256kb/s
3   Gogo   ~192kb/s, +160kb/
3   QDesign   ~192kb/s, ~160kb/s
3   Xing (new)   ~256kb/s, ~320kb/s
3   FHG   ~160kb/s
3   Lame   ~160kb/s
3   Blade   ~256kb/s, ~320kb/s

4+   FHG   ~128kb/s
4+   Blade   ~192kb/s
4+   Xing (old)   ~256kb/s, 320kb/s
4   Lame   ~128kb/s
4   Blade   ~160kb/s
4   Xing (new)   ~192kb/s

5+6   Xing (new)   ~128kb/s, ~160kb/s
5+6   Xing (old)   ~128kb/s, ~160kb/s, 192kb/s

Ranglist of Encoder's and Bitrate's NEED HELP!

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Don't forget Ogg Vorbis...

Ranglist of Encoder's and Bitrate's NEED HELP!

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no i don't forget vorbis. but i haven't many experience with ogg at vorbis time.
i hope amny of you can help me.

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