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MS PlaysForSure DRM removal tool released - news story

I am not encouraging piracy, just reporting a news story that may be of interest about the Microsoft PlaysForSure DRM system that many online music stores offer their files in. Yahoo and Napster are some examples.

According to an Engadget News Story and also a MacDailyNews blurb about this news article, someone has discovered how to unprotect Windows Plays For Sure encoded DRM audio files. More can be found out about this news story here:

I wonder if this will make Microsoft force all online music stores using their Plays For Sure DRM encoding to stop distributing files until a patch/corrected fix for this new "utility" can be found. I doubt music copyright holders will stand for all their music files which rely on MS's Plays for Sure protection being so easily unprotected.

Your thoughts?

MS PlaysForSure DRM removal tool released - news story

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Thanks for this link. I probably never would have found this as it was put on a very old thread (over one year ago was the previous post of yours in that particular thread). Thanks for the "heads up" in this new thread...

Note that this DRM removal article and software it describes applies only to Plays For Sure DRM enabled media and not to general WMA protected DRM files. The above thread posted by digga was started to cover all Windows DRM I believe, and not specifically for PlaysForSure encoded DRM.

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