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Suggestion/request for a graphical library browser

Hi everyone,

I've been looking since a long time for an illustrated library panel, but unfortunately I never found one. the main idea is to browse as easily as we do now but also visually improve the existing austere method. I imagine 2 main concepts :

1) The first concept consists on simply add illustrations to the common library panel, right next to the albums entries for examples. I know that the original panel is a standart Windows menu, but a visual copy should be good enough.

2) The second concept looks more like the existing extention "graphical browser", but wich can browse the entire library like Windows Media Player does, for example. The best way should be to let the user choose how he browse his library (makes his own customisation). Maybe just a few modification of "graphical browser" is good enough, it can be interesting to look that way.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to developpers if some begin a project like that ;)
(and sorry if my english is poor, I don't use to write this language)


Suggestion/request for a graphical library browser

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graphical browser is great, but i would love to have an option which would browse the whole library (so that I don't have to have an All music playlist selected)

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