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Multiple genres


this not only related to foobar2000, it is more a general tagging question, but I want it mainly work in foobar2000. I have some files which are tagged with genre "speech". I'd like to add a second genre tag with "comedy", "detective", "sci-fi" etc. Is it possible?

I use usually mp3tag for tagging, but in this case I'll probably have to use foobar2000 mass tagger and add my ownt tag. Do you have any suggestions for it's name? Does anyone of you use something similar?

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Multiple genres

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1: Use Speech/Comdey, or Speech/Detective or Speech/Sci-fi as tags
2: Make a new tag with a different name (e.g.): "SUBGENRE", and input it in there. Then let foobar read them out seperately.
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Multiple genres

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I use something similar. Actually I use 2 tags: genre and style.
For me genre is always a unique tag (rock, jazz, chamber music etc. etc.). Style is a multitag that may have more than one instance for the same file.

For instance:
genre: rock
style: acid rock, psychedelia, art rock

I use foobar to tag and render the tags as you may have guessed.

Re: Multiple genres

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Use Speech/Comdey, or Speech/Detective or Speech/Sci-fi as tags
I understand correctly that if in the tag editor (I use TagScanner) in the Genre field, enter the
Code: [Select]
the genres Genre1, Genre2 and Genre3 appear in the foobar2000' library, and the corresponding track will be in all three autofilters (I use Library Viewer Selection)? As far as I understand, not all audio players support multiple tags for a genre. Is this the most common way to tie multiple genres to a track? Which one is covered by the official specifications ID3v1, ID3v2 and APE?

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