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no soundcard present

Hello everybody!.

i'm building and testing a dedicated PC server. I've installed several services (like SMB, FTP, DLNA ...etc) And one of them is a foobar2000 server with foo_upnp + bubbleupnp server installed. All is working more or less fine.
But, in this one PC i don't need to play audio...i mean. The DLNA server is working fine providing access for movies and TV-series via Wifi or 4G. In this case it's not necessary to install any soundcard or audio driver. In the case of foobar2000, the program needs to be set in primary device to output some audio. The output device set in null outputs upnp correctly...but i don't know if i can disable in BIOS the soundcard chipset, and un-install the realtek driver in windows7. Could be replaced the output device with no audio driver, no audio soundcard disabled in BIOS with foo_out_upnp ?
I'm trying to built the PC-server with the fewer requirements...
more or less, minus is best

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