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[Help] Masstagger And Title Feild (Removing Text)

I have a bunch of voice clips I have saved from MSN Convos. They are all by a single person which makes this easier (I think). Here is what I want to do:

I have about 150 clips filenames in this format: "PersonsName - ClipContents"

What I want to do is use masstagger to remove the "PersonsName - " part from the title, so its just "ClipContents". I am using the masstagger "Guess From Filename" and using the "Title" field.

Here is a screen shot:

I have the artist field on the far left. It just says "Faye". Then I have the title field that has "Faye - ClipContents". The one that just says "I Love Canada" is how I want them all to be. I want to remove the "Faye - " part.

I hope this makes sense... can this be done easily without having to edit each and every clip?
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[Help] Masstagger And Title Feild (Removing Text)

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What format are the file names in? Because if the file names are something like:

Faye - I Hate My Voice.mp3
Faye - I Like Normal Food.mp3

Then you can do this:

1) Load all the clips into a playlist
2) Ctrl+A to select all the clips
3) Right-Click the selection and choose "Properties" from the menu
4) Right-Click the "Track Title" and choose "Fill Values from File Names"
5) Enter "%artist% - %title%" into the field at the top
-) Preview the changes, click "Auto-Capitalization" if you like
6) Click [OK] to accept the tags you just previewed
7) Click [Apply] to save the tags to your files
8) Click [OK] to return to foobar

[Help] Masstagger And Title Feild (Removing Text)

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@ Yotsuya: They are .wav format. I am thinking of converting all to .mp3 because when I move the files to a different directory, the tagging disappears :S.

@ kjoonlee: That worked perfectly ! It did exactly what I wanted, and took all of 2 seconds lol. Thank you very much .
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