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Album Art panel not working

Hey folks,

I just upgraded to the latest beta 3 of f2k 0.9.3, as well as the latest versions of albumart and columnsui, but the album art panel doesn't even show up in the preferences menu, let alone actually work in the first place.  I've also tried applying some new FCS files I downloaded, but they look nothing like their previews.

I just tried getting some help from a friend of mine, and he has the exact same versions of foobar and plugins, and it works for him, so it has to be something on my system, or with my settings.  I'm running Windows XP, so I have the GDI stuff, and I also have the msvcr/p files as well.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!




Album Art panel not working

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Did you place the foo_uie_albumart.dll in your foobar components directory?
Do you see foo_uie_albumart listed under File> Preferences> Components?
Do you see "Album Art" listed as a panel if you try to insert a panel under the ColumnsUI layout tab?

It would probably be better if you ask your question here.

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