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Can't Add to Playlist when no playlists loaded

To start clean, I typically remove all playlists.  But if I click the "Add to Playlist" button of the File\"Open Audio CD..." menu (while a CD is in the drive), nothing happens.  My work-around is to click the Play button instead, which intelligently adds a new playlist entitled "Audio CD".

I have turned a number of people onto foobar, and they run into the same issue.  To make foobar more intuitive, I suggest that "Add to Playlist" creates a new playlist if none exists.

The same issue and possible solution applies to the Library\"Album List" menu.

By the way, v0.9.3 b3 has a bug where the "Send to playlist" button in the Library\"Album List" menu does nothing if the selected playlist is empty.

Thanks to the foobar community for creating such a great application.


Can't Add to Playlist when no playlists loaded

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On second thought, perhaps it would be better to prevent removal of all playlists.  In other words, if there is only one playlist, clicking the middle mouse button on the playlist tab would not delete that playlist as it does today.  Instead, it would clear the playlist and rename it to "New Playlist".  What does the community think?

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