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foobar_noscreensave (script for AutoHotkey)

Based on a request in this posting, I made a small AutoHotkey script to prevent screensaver from kicking in when foobar is playing a song.

It's tested to run with v0.8.3 and v0.9.2, and should run with v0.9.3beta1.

To use this script, just extract the .7z file anywhere you want, keeping the .ahk and .ico files in the same directory. If you want, you can edit the .ahk file to put in the foobar activity check time (default is 1 minute). Then double-click the .ahk file... and that's it. If you're done, just right-click its icon on the systray and it will close.

If you want, I can also make a version that auto-starts foobar as it starts, and auto-closes foobar as it exits.

Of course, you'll need the latest version AutoHotkey.

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