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Skins for foo_title plugin

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I didn't make these, so I'll link to the site I found them:

There are also a few more good looking ones on the linked site.

Skins for foo_title plugin

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/* Put music in comment area */


Skins for foo_title plugin

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Hi, I was checking this topic and noticed some problems with the placement of the foo_title plugin and I have a different on this. I've been using a program called AutoHotKey, with it you can do some simple programming and add lots of features to your system, being one of the main ones the ability to add hotkeys to your system with almost no restrictions. And so with this little app, I have one of the side buttons of my mouse to show/hide foo_title, so there's no problem which size the skin is or where it is placed.

This is the code I use for it:

Code: [Select]
1 DetectHiddenWindows, Off
2 GroupAdd, g_foo_title, ahk_class
4 XButton2::
5 IfWinExist ahk_group g_foo_title
6     WinHide ahk_group g_foo_title
7 else
8     WinShow ahk_group g_foo_title
9 return

Explaining the above for those that aren't so keen on this kind of stuff:

- Line 1: this option has to be turned off so that this little trick can work, so it'll be able to "hide" the foo_title window from the system;
- Line 2: creates a "group" of windows called "g_foo_title", and adds "" class to it (which is the name of the class of foo_title, this name can be found with a little app that comes with AutoHotKey);
- Line 4: This tells which key (or combination) will be used to activate the code below, in my case, XButton2 refers to the 2nd side button on the mouse, a combination like "#s" can be used to represent the WinKey+S combination or "^!s" which represents "Ctrl+Alt+S";
- Line 5: It reads like, "if a window, from the "g_foo_title" group exists then";
- Line 6: this line sends a "Hide" command to the found window, and so the foo_title will not be shown;
- Line 7, 8: if it doesn't exist (even if foobar is running with foo_title, when the "hide" command is set, the it will not be found because of the turned off option on line 1), show the window belonging to the "g_foo_title", and foo_title is shown;
- Line 9: this line must be included in the end of a procedure so that it stops, or else anything below would be read too.

And so with this running in background, and foo_title set to be "Always On Top", each time I press the side button on my mouse if foo_title is being shown, it is hidden and vice-versa ^^

The documentation of this app is really great and pretty extensive with lots of details so you can learn how to do almost anything in it easily =) hope it helps.

PS: If anyone is interested in this app and need some help making it work I'll gladly give a hand on what I can ^^

Do you think it is possible to have a Foobar shortcut to show/hide the foo_title ?

Skins for foo_title plugin

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Yes ! Since 0.7.1 version, there is such a shortcut. Thank you !
Mmmh, the comportment is a little strange when using "Popup... only when...". But it is cool afterall.

Skins for foo_title plugin

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Thanks, I had a look around, read the manual etc and I've made a skin, although it's not perfect. It's meant to be a kind of miniplayer/desktop widget thing. I think it suffers from it not updating on stop, so it looks pretty dodgy when you load it or sometimes when you stop playback (eg after playing an online stream). It has a play/pause button, a stop after current toggle and a progress bar/scroller for streams, which I managed to make using titleformating in the geometry parts. If anyone want to make it look more consistent I'm sure they can, I've included a play/pause button in the rar for people to use. It'll do for the moment, here it is:

Skins for foo_title plugin

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My first skin for foo_title, and my first post here

Z-Mourn is a simple skin made to match Noia2 VS.

Fell free to modify it, I've included PSD file.

Skins for foo_title plugin

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Edited version of mine 1st skin from last year small, useful, transparent...
feel free to edit

Skins for foo_title plugin

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Wow, Jellybox is awesome!  So is black and transparent.  Thanks to everyone who made skins for this.

Skins for foo_title plugin

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Hi all,

this is my first post so if i've done some errors please say to me and i'll fix them 

I've made a little change to black theme posted before, i've added only pause to the player that hasn't and i feel obliged to post it there, so if you need is in attach there 

Skins for foo_title plugin

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I put together a simple skin. It has three invisible buttons, one for previous track, one for play/pause and one for the next track.

Skins for foo_title plugin

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I come here with my first skin XD

It's called Simple because it's simple XD, it only got simple buttons for the lovers of simplicity, here a screenshot:

Forget it, I designed the version 1.3 XD

it have a button to maximize the window and to minimize it too!!!, volume control, and other things xD

Skins for foo_title plugin

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Simple v 2.0 xD

added 3 buttons: volume mute, seek ahead and seek back by 10 seconds

Skins for foo_title plugin

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2 more simple skins:

Simple guitar and Simplicity:

(a request: can someone teach me how i can put a progress bar behind the buttons?, that would be great!!!)

Skins for foo_title plugin

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I hope it's OK; I modified the Vista Carbon skin and I now call it Vista Carbonized. It has a toggable extra panel containing 5 stars for the guys using the plugin Playback Statistics. I've stolen (and slightly modified) the stars from the skin milkplate. Feel free to improve the look; I used only a minimal amount of time, just to get the desired functionality (with an acceptable look).
Note that I've also removed the pause button to gain a bit more space for the artist–title display.

I hope title formatting for image paths will be possible sometime because then I could make already votedsongs showing the correct star glowing.

Perhaps I will update the skin in the next days, for aesthetic reasons.

Oh and just FYI: I personally prefer the font Arial Unicode MS @ 8pt but for this release I decided to set the font to Segoe UI, just as in Scotty J's original release.


P.S.: Just noticed I forgot the shadow for the stars… I think I'll redo the stars completely tomorrow.

Skins for foo_title plugin

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Hello guys, just created a skin myself, maybe someone will like it 
So, what's it got:
  • basically, it's a remake of Tag skin by plugin author, i just created lots of nice background pictures
  • all buttons have very nice hover, press picts
  • animated seek indicator, moving slightly, every second (donnow how'd I do that)
  • rating buttons and indicator active
  • artist's section changes size

there supposed to be another half (button under playcoun should activate it) but I kinda like it already, that's why playcount's not a button
(sure I miss tons of statistics, album, year, but anyway...)

Shade looks kinda sleek, hope you like it. Thanks to mod author. Here's your zip already

Oh, yeah: I didn't want to enhance the skin, but maybe someone will
what could you do?
clocks: with font 6 you can get secnd string there or u could simply scroll it
shufle: toggling 1,2,3 cards many modes can be enabled )
seekbar: can bring it forward and add -1 and +1 buttons on its edges - best possible for now
rating: if you can on mouseover second star the first highlight also
cd: animation to the icon can be added

Skins for foo_title plugin

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My first released foo_title skin, Speech. It's based on FcukVinyl, a popular Bowtie skin. Another version with the triangle on top is also included. I hope you like it.

To get the rating buttons to work, you need to have 5 Masstagger scripts: "Rating 1", "Rating 2", "Rating 3". "Rating 4", "Rating 5". If your Masstagger scripts are named differently, you don't use Masstagger or you don't want to rate songs via foo_title, feel free to edit the skin.xml file.

Skins for foo_title plugin

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My first skin:

I've already posted its details and features elsewhere, so just click on the picture and read it if you'd like to know this better. Tell me via PM if you need it.
It features volume setting and progressbar with some seeking functionalities, so it's very useful if you need those. Also very thin, seamlessly integrates with windows 7 and vista windows!

Skins for foo_title plugin

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Intended to be a foo_title window which fits inside an XP/Vista/7 Sidebar. The space allowed by the Sidebar allows album art to be displayed, along with a fair amount of real estate which comes in quite useful:
The script is a modification of Transparent by Sune, which was posted somewhere up the thread.
It contains the basic features of most scripts, volume up/down, seek forward/back, random jump, playback mode change,
and a semi-working volume adjustment button set which only changes the displayed current volume when the -XdB buttons themselves are pressed, and basic volume up/down buttons. I can't find a way for foo_title to dynamically obtain the current volume though, that would be very useful.
Also present is the X button, which deletes a track which you don't like from the playlist and moves on to the next track. It appears to be quite useful for scanning through a new album.

Skins for foo_title plugin

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Did you know any replacement of foo_title - with support mouse scroll for volume adjust like main foobar window.

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