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Ivan: AAC encoder development

Ivan, I have noticed that you have been developing aacenc at a rather fast pace as of late.  I am just wondering if you have moved your focus to aacenc from your video codec.  Does this indicate that your video codec has reached a relatively stable point.  If so, does this mean you are going to come out with a public beta soon?  I am really excited about this new codec and would like to try it.


Ivan: AAC encoder development

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There's already a Developer Beta of Psytel MPEG4 Authoring Studio.

I generated a MP4 file with it, but I can't play, since it isn't yet compatible with Envivio or Webcine.

So, I believe it's still a very early alpha. Unless it's not supposed to be compatible with these players.

I tried compiling mpeg4ip Player, but MSVC couldn't do it. And I don't know if it would play either.



Ivan: AAC encoder development

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Envivio TV Player v1.1 (still beta) will be available to read our .mp4 files, it is not a problem in PsyTEL MPEG-4 Studio, or in MPEG4IP implementation.

Ivan: AAC encoder development

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BlackSun plans to make PowerDivX4 MPEG4 compliant .... but for now its the last point on the to-do list    ....

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