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FLAC + cuesheets

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What determines that, in your example, 00:00:02:00 is block 0?  Or is it part of the Redbook spec?

It is part of the redbook specs. By the way, the track start time displayed in Nero and EAC differ by 2 seconds. When Nero displays track 1 at 0:00:02.13, EAC displays 0:00:00.13. It is because Nero starts from track 1 index 0, while EAC starts from sector 0, that is always exactly 2 seconds later.

Also, is it true that the TOC (TRACK 00) may be longer than 2 sec?

I don't know. According to , Lead-in (from radius 23 mm to 24 mm) [...] The length of the lead-in is determined by the need to store the Table of Contents for up to 99 tracks. I don't know if it means that the lenght is variable, or if the fixed lenght has been chosen accordingly.

Starting from , then following the links, you'll find the best of the web about CD (exept ECMA-130 that is not linked).

FLAC + cuesheets

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Well, I just realised that a CD (a friend of mine released) contains a hidden track !
And it lasts about 3 minutes.
So I don't think it's just the pre-gap of Track that lasts 2s.

The hidden track starts at 0:00:02:00, then it can last anytime, until Track 1 index 1, that can be placed anywhere.

BTW, how does CD rippers (I use CDEx)  handle the pregap data ? I never noticed some missing data in CDs where everything is mixed. Is it copied in the previous track (a problem for track 1) or the next track ?

In the previous track.

FLAC + cuesheets

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I haven't done any cd copying for a few years (I can afford to buy them now!). But when I did, I was quite pedantic about making exact copies. ie. preserving all index points etc, especially the first pre-gap. At the time, there wasnt a lot of ripping software around, I used a cd-recording program called "cdrwin" which even now is probably the best cd-writing software for windows if you want to create custom audio cds. AFAIK it was actually cdrwin that invented the whole "cue-sheet" format to burn cds, now many other programs support the same format(even flac now!). cdrwin would rip cds and search for index points and create the cue-sheet for you, it worked very well and  preserved audible pre-gaps etc. You have to have a supported drive tho (otherwise it would automatically make all pre-gaps 2s long), mine at the time was a panasonic 4X SCSI drive, which I no longer have. I dont think that my current drive works as well, with cdparanoia if I try and rip from the start of a cd containing an audible pre-gap, I get the pre-gap, but its all silence !!! wtf? I dont know if its the drive or cdparanoia thats the culpret, I am looking into it.

Well, I tried EAC and both my drives should be able to read the pre-gap but it is also silent in the end

I'll try mmortal03's method... I'm a bit surprised only few people talk this feature these days, as it's getting very common.

FLAC + cuesheets

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I would like to rip all my albums and use FLAC to store them.  For
each album, I would store the cuesheet (generated by EAC) within the
FLAC container to preserve as much information from the original CD-DA
as possible.

Though, reading this thread, I realize there is still no solution to
store information about individual track titles (song names).  Like
davec, I thought I could use the properties of the CD-TEXT
standard do store the song names.  From what I understand, this is not
considered an elegant solution and is not what future plugins will use
to retrieve individual track titles.

So what is the alternative(s)?  What shoud I do?


(and Josh, thanks for FLAC !