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Interesting performance tip for /play

I've found something interesting that I thought I'd share: if Foobar is not running, and I run it with the /play switch it takes about 8-9 seconds before it is ready to go and starts playing. During this time it says "Loading Track", and the autoplaylist I've set to random sort order shows the previous run's sort order. After a few seconds the autoplaylist is recreated in a new random order, the first track is selected, and starts playing.

But, there is good news! I've found that if I start Foobar without /play, it starts in about 1-2 seconds, including autoplaylist recreation. Running it again, with /play, then starts it playing instantly, saving about 6 seconds from startup time for me, woo! A small bacth file can be used to automate this:

Code: [Select]
start foobar2000.exe
foobar2000.exe /play

Strangely, though, this results in it playing from the same position index in the playlist, so if it was playing the 20th track when it was closed, it will be playing the 20th track when it opens. Not really important for me as the list will have been randomised, so the 20th is no better or worse a place to start than the 1st, so long as playlist repeat is turned on.


Interesting performance tip for /play

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This hack made obsolete by v0.9.3.1, which has just been released, and performs just fine with /play. Yay!

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