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LameLib Carbon

The Mac LAME question comes up periodically, and I've read a number of topics on the subject, however they don't seem to answer what I'm looking for. The other topics provide links and information for the source code and shell scripts, etc for using LAME from the Darwin layer of Mac OS X.

From reading the info on Audacity, someone apparently has compiled a Mac OS X-ready LAME library. The Audacity info links to which is terminally uncontactable, and from reading other information, there seems to be a "LAMELib Carbon" - whether this is the same thing as the offering, who knows as I've not been able to locate that either. A non-Carbon LAMELib for OS8/9 is available here:

So what I'm looking for is a source for a Carbon pre-compiled Mac OS X LAME shared library. Any help would be appreciated.

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