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YALAC - File format development

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I suspect streaming support will become more important in the years to come, as IPv6 becomes the standard and multicast becomes possible and popular. Streaming lossless really will be a viable option and probably quite common at that.

That said, my audio collection is half a terabyte strong, and my priorities are towards getting the most out of my hard drives. Any options that save me disk space, however minimal, are options I would use...

My favorite idea proposed so far was the idea of leaving the streaming data out and letting streamers add it on the fly.

Good luck with your endeavors.

YALAC - File format development

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File format finalized

(Only some minor modifications may be applied if neccessary)

TAK (formerly known as Yalac) will use it's own proprietary (spelling?) container format. It has been designed for:

- simplicity of use (for other developers)
- small storage overhead (only about 0.07 percent worse compression with the default settings)
- configurability for specific playback requirements.

Not a big thing but it needed some concentration to work out the details.

Because container data and encoded audio data are clearly seperated, it should be easy to wrap the compressed audio frames into other standard containers.


edit: corrected spelling of "proprietary'. Thanks to ShadeST!

YALAC - File format development

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How many channels are enough?

(...for the near future)

Although the first public release of TAK will not have multi channel support, the file format allready has been prepared for it.

Because of some internal limitations of the current specification, not more than 16 (possibly 18) channels can be stored. Is this enough?

Higher channel counts would need a modification of the file format, and the compression ratio for the common audio formats would be worse.

I myself see no need (and no chance) to prepare the file format for any possible requirements of the future. You can try this, but it's quite probable, that nevertheless something unpredictable will happen, which anyhow makes a change of the file format neccessary.

YALAC - File format development

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I don't see myself needing more than 8 channels anytime soon.

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