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Embedded cuesheets in WavPack

I can't seem to figure out:

A) How can a cuesheet can be stored in a wavpack file? Is it exclusively for a single file to be "divided up" later, or can it somehow be in individual tracks? Sorry if it's a dumb question.

B) Is it possible to embed these cuesheets with EAC?

I ask this because I want to be able to back up my CDs (with in-between track pauses intact), but at the same time have files of individual tracks. Maybe this would be too much trouble and I'd be better off with FLACs and CUE files?


Embedded cuesheets in WavPack

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A. The cuesheet is simply stored as an APEv2 tag called "CUESHEET"; it's just a tag.  Applications like foobar or ACDIR can use this tag to split the image file into tracks.  You can also drag a WavPack image with embedded cuesheet into foobar and it will treat it like separate track files, i.e.: you can skip between tracks (if you are feeling camp) just the same.

B. Yes.  WavPack can tag when encoding.  With EAC just add:

-w "CUESHEET=@*.cue"

... to your command line, and ensure that there are no other cuesheets in the folder in which you are ripping.

Do a search on this board for "CUESHEET=@*.cue" (include the quotes) to find a load of threads touching this subject.
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