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Trouble with foo_out_asio

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Here's another fix attempt. If this nonsense doesn't stop (I think that it is a driver bug after all), I'll just code a workaround to avoid calling the function that fails entirely.

[edit] outdated attachement removed - get 1.2.4 from

Trouble with foo_out_asio

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Ah ha!  It seems your programming genius has finally done it, ASIO is now working as of your lastest fix attempt. 

Strangely, the playback was clipping badly at first, but increasing the latency in the driver seems to have cleared it up completely.  May have been a crappy mp3 that I never noticed it in before...

Thank you so much for your efforts in fixing this problem for all the Juli@ owners out there, and your continued development of Foobr2000 as a whole!

Trouble with foo_out_asio

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I don't see how parroting behaviors of other apps needs a "programming genius" to do.
Anyway, this is a clear driver bug, it doesn't affect other apps only because they all call ASIO methods in specific order, while I was doing it differently (querying channel numbers was unnecessary with channel map stored in configuration data, apparently calling that is needed even if you have no use for the result).

Trouble with foo_out_asio

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The lastest ASIO component work fine with my soundcard--prodigy 7.1
Thank you!!!

Trouble with foo_out_asio

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Nope, 1.2.4 (and the 1.2.3-test) crashes foobar again for me, same system spec's as before.  Peter can you link me 1.2.3 (original version) or anything pre-1.2.0?  I forgot to save a stable copy of foo_out_asio when I updated =(

EDIT: And of course the codebox...

Code: [Select]
Illegal operation:
Code: C0000005h, flags: 00000000h, address: 021E4E1Ch
Access violation, operation: read, address: 021E4E1Ch
Call path:

This is the first crash logged by this instance.
Access violation, operation: read, address: 021E4E1Ch
Access violation, operation: read, address: 021E4E1Ch
EAX: 00000000, EBX: 029D1B98, ECX: 02DFFFB0, EDX: 7C90EB94
ESI: 00000020, EDI: 00000020, EBP: 02DFFFEC, ESP: 02DFFFB8
Crash location: "ctasio", loaded at 021E0000h - 021F6000h

Loaded modules:
foobar2000                      loaded at 00400000h - 004F0000h
ntdll                            loaded at 7C900000h - 7C9B0000h
kernel32                        loaded at 7C800000h - 7C8F4000h
COMCTL32                        loaded at 773D0000h - 774D2000h
msvcrt                          loaded at 77C10000h - 77C68000h
ADVAPI32                        loaded at 77DD0000h - 77E6B000h
RPCRT4                          loaded at 77E70000h - 77F01000h
GDI32                            loaded at 77F10000h - 77F57000h
USER32                          loaded at 77D40000h - 77DD0000h
SHLWAPI                          loaded at 77F60000h - 77FD6000h
SHELL32                          loaded at 7C9C0000h - 7D1D5000h
ole32                            loaded at 774E0000h - 7761D000h
shared                          loaded at 10000000h - 1002A000h
comdlg32                        loaded at 763B0000h - 763F9000h
IMM32                            loaded at 76390000h - 763AD000h
uxtheme                          loaded at 5AD70000h - 5ADA8000h
MSCTF                            loaded at 74720000h - 7476B000h
riporavi                        loaded at 00A60000h - 00B32000h
OLEAUT32                        loaded at 77120000h - 771AC000h
VERSION                          loaded at 77C00000h - 77C08000h
MPR                              loaded at 71B20000h - 71B32000h
PSAPI                            loaded at 76BF0000h - 76BFB000h
secur32                          loaded at 77FE0000h - 77FF1000h
wsock32                          loaded at 71AD0000h - 71AD9000h
WS2_32                          loaded at 71AB0000h - 71AC7000h
WS2HELP                          loaded at 71AA0000h - 71AA8000h
OLEACC                          loaded at 74C80000h - 74CAC000h
MSVCP60                          loaded at 76080000h - 760E5000h
msctfime                        loaded at 755C0000h - 755EE000h
foo_abx                          loaded at 00C90000h - 00CC3000h
foo_ac3                          loaded at 00CF0000h - 00D1C000h
foo_albumlist                    loaded at 00D40000h - 00D81000h
foo_benchmark                    loaded at 00DB0000h - 00DD6000h
foo_burninate                    loaded at 00E00000h - 00E37000h
foo_cdda                        loaded at 00E60000h - 00E96000h
foo_common                      loaded at 00EC0000h - 00EFA000h
foo_converter                    loaded at 00F20000h - 00F89000h
foo_convolve                    loaded at 00FB0000h - 01001000h
foo_dbsearch                    loaded at 01030000h - 0108C000h
foo_dsp_std                      loaded at 010B0000h - 010F1000h
foo_dts                          loaded at 01120000h - 0116C000h
foo_freedb2                      loaded at 01190000h - 011D0000h
foo_input_shorten                loaded at 011F0000h - 0121E000h
foo_input_std                    loaded at 01240000h - 0134A000h
foo_lnk                          loaded at 01370000h - 01389000h
foo_masstag                      loaded at 013B0000h - 01400000h
foo_out_asio                    loaded at 01420000h - 0144E000h
foo_out_ks                      loaded at 01470000h - 0149A000h
SETUPAPI                        loaded at 77920000h - 77A13000h
foo_playcount                    loaded at 014C0000h - 014E8000h
foo_playlist_manager            loaded at 01510000h - 01556000h
foo_pqview                      loaded at 01580000h - 0159C000h
foo_random                      loaded at 015C0000h - 015FF000h
foo_rgscan                      loaded at 01620000h - 01665000h
foo_tradersfriend                loaded at 01690000h - 016CD000h
foo_ui_columns                  loaded at 016F0000h - 0178B000h
foo_ui_std                      loaded at 017B0000h - 01807000h
foo_unpack                      loaded at 01830000h - 0185E000h
foo_utils                        loaded at 01880000h - 018B9000h
foo_verifier                    loaded at 018E0000h - 01910000h
ctagent                          loaded at 02000000h - 02006000h
mslbui                          loaded at 605D0000h - 605D9000h
appHelp                          loaded at 77B40000h - 77B62000h
CLBCATQ                          loaded at 76FD0000h - 7704F000h
COMRes                          loaded at 77050000h - 77115000h
cscui                            loaded at 77A20000h - 77A74000h
CSCDLL                          loaded at 76600000h - 7661D000h
browseui                        loaded at 75F80000h - 7607D000h
ntshrui                          loaded at 76990000h - 769B5000h
ATL                              loaded at 76B20000h - 76B31000h
NETAPI32                        loaded at 5B860000h - 5B8B4000h
USERENV                          loaded at 769C0000h - 76A73000h
shdocvw                          loaded at 77760000h - 778D0000h
CRYPT32                          loaded at 77A80000h - 77B14000h
MSASN1                          loaded at 77B20000h - 77B32000h
CRYPTUI                          loaded at 754D0000h - 75550000h
WINTRUST                        loaded at 76C30000h - 76C5E000h
IMAGEHLP                        loaded at 76C90000h - 76CB8000h
WININET                          loaded at 771B0000h - 77270000h
Normaliz                        loaded at 71660000h - 71669000h
iertutil                        loaded at 5DCA0000h - 5DCE0000h
WLDAP32                          loaded at 76F60000h - 76F8C000h
DBGHELP                          loaded at 59A60000h - 59B01000h
ctasio                          loaded at 021E0000h - 021F6000h
WINMM                            loaded at 76B40000h - 76B6D000h
ctosuser                        loaded at 029A0000h - 029C6000h
MpShHook                        loaded at 5F800000h - 5F815000h
MSVCR80                          loaded at 78130000h - 781CB000h
MSVCP80                          loaded at 7C420000h - 7C4A7000h
rsaenh                          loaded at 0FFD0000h - 0FFF8000h
ieframe                          loaded at 7E1E0000h - 7E726000h
IEUI                            loaded at 5DFF0000h - 5E01F000h
MSIMG32                          loaded at 76380000h - 76385000h
faultrep                        loaded at 69450000h - 69466000h
WINSTA                          loaded at 76360000h - 76370000h
WTSAPI32                        loaded at 76F50000h - 76F58000h

Stack dump analysis:
Address: 7C80B683h, location: "kernel32", loaded at 7C800000h - 7C8F4000h
Symbol: "GetModuleFileNameA" (+000001B4h)
Address: 7C839AA8h, location: "kernel32", loaded at 7C800000h - 7C8F4000h
Symbol: "ValidateLocale" (+000002B0h)
Address: 7C80B690h, location: "kernel32", loaded at 7C800000h - 7C8F4000h
Symbol: "GetModuleFileNameA" (+000001C1h)
Address: 021E4E1Ch, location: "ctasio", loaded at 021E0000h - 021F6000h

Version info:
foobar2000 v0.9.3.1

Additional info:
FLAC decoder 1.1.0  (foo_input_std)
Audio CD Writer 2.0.1  (foo_burninate)
freedb tagger v0.5.1  (foo_freedb2)
Live show tagger 0.6.1  (foo_tradersfriend)
Randomized playlist entry 1.2.3  (foo_random)
Convolver 0.3  (foo_convolve)
Common services 0.1  (foo_common)
ZIP/GZIP reader 1.0  (foo_unpack)
Converter 1.0.1  (foo_converter)
Standard Input Array 1.0  (foo_input_std)
Masstagger 1.6  (foo_masstag)
Default User Interface 0.9acc  (foo_ui_std)
Album List 3.2.0  (foo_albumlist)
Standard DSP array 1.0  (foo_dsp_std)
ReplayGain Scanner 2.0.2  (foo_rgscan)
Decoding speed test 1.0  (foo_benchmark)
Playlist tools 0.5.7  (foo_utils)
AC3 decoder 0.7  (foo_ac3)
Playback Statistics 1.2  (foo_playcount)
Playlist Manager 1.0  (foo_playlist_manager)
Kernel Streaming Output 1.2.2  (foo_out_ks)
CD Audio Decoder 2.1.1  (foo_cdda)
Columns UI 0.1.3 beta 1v5  (foo_ui_columns)
Database search 1.3.1 beta 11  (foo_dbsearch)
File Integrity Verifier 1.0  (foo_verifier)
ASIO support 1.2.4  (foo_out_asio)
Shell link resolver 1.1  (foo_lnk)
DTS decoder 0.1  (foo_dts)
Shorten decoder 0.4.2a  (foo_input_shorten)
RAR reader 1.1  (foo_unpack)
ABX comparator 1.3  (foo_abx)

Trouble with foo_out_asio

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I suggest that you report this problem to Creative instead, it's their code that crashes not mine (and while at it, their audigy2zs ASIO on my system is highly buggy too).
It's also a completely different issue than what other people in this thread are reporting.

Trouble with foo_out_asio

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I suggest that you report this problem to Creative instead, it's their code that crashes not mine (and while at it, their audigy2zs ASIO on my system is highly buggy too).
It's also a completely different issue than what other people in this thread are reporting.

Well could you at least link me to foo_input_asio 1.1.2, that and any version before worked perfectly for me.  Thanks.

Trouble with foo_out_asio

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Works great with Audiotrak Prodigy 7.1 LT now
And it works better than the plugin i have used in foobar0.8 because now I have no latency when using the volume slider

Trouble with foo_out_asio

Reply #33
WOW! It works!

Thank you, thank you very much!
Everything is perfect now

Trouble with foo_out_asio

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I suggest that you report this problem to Creative instead, it's their code that crashes not mine (and while at it, their audigy2zs ASIO on my system is highly buggy too).

I just thought I should add that after doing a little research, the latest X-Fi drivers break ASIO support (at least on the Elite Pro, originally Creative thought it was a Cubase problem, but they have now identified it as an ASIO problem) and have said they will release a fix late August/early September.  I reverted drivers temporarily to test this and found it is indeed true.  I happened to upgrade drivers and the foo_input_asio component at the same time, which is why I originally thought the component was at fault.  Though I am not sure why the Audigy 2 ZS asio doesn't work.  Kernel Streaming will do the trick until the new drivers come out. 

Sorry again Peter!  Keep up the good work (and put back true "Random" please, if you get the chance  ).

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