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Control of receiver over iLINK/Firewire

I am wondering if anyone has come across any software for the control of Sony iLINK amps/receivers/cd/md players.

I can take digital audio from the PC and it plays fine throught the STR-LSA-1 receiver.      The amp shows the PC as unknown device, but the PC shows the receiver under ausio hardware as a Sony STR LSA-1.  Amp volume can be controlled from the PC using the standard windoze volume control whent he sony is set as the default aduio device for playback

Problem: while listening to another source (CD. MD or tuner) the and using the PC at the same time every time the PC makes a sound, then it hijacks the amp.

Anyone know of any control software that can be used to contro the amp from the PC?  If open source, even better.  Preferably not command line stuff, as the girlfriend has to use it, it needs  a GUI



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