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Best way to get playlist index from metadb_handle_ptr


I need to get the current index of a song identified by a metadb_handle_ptr in the active playlist (coming from on_playback_new_track callback). Is there any other way than to enumerate through the whole playlist and check each metadb_handle_ptr returned by playlist_manager::activeplaylist_get_item_handle() ? This would be rather slow with very large playlists...

Thank you.

Best way to get playlist index from metadb_handle_ptr

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You can get the playlist and index of the currently playing item through the playlist_manager class (provided that the currently playing item is on a playlist).

Best way to get playlist index from metadb_handle_ptr

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I've tried playlist_manager::get_playing_item_location() before, but when I call this method in the play_callback::on_playback_new_track callback I get return value "false" when a song has been skipped, it seems that the callback will be called with stopped state so there is no way to get "playing" item in this callback function. So what I need is a method to get the index of a playlist item from a metadb_handle_ptr handle.

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