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Creating A Single File Per Album From Individual Tracks

I have a mixed format collection (I've changed the way I've done things over the years) where I have some albums in something like FLAC + CUE or TTA + CUE, but then I also have some that are a bunch of individual mp3s or flacs (1 for each track, individually tagged).  Plus I have album art scans in the folder next to those files.  What I would really like to do is make it so I just have 1 file for each album, preferably including the potentially many scans.  I would prefer not to transcode/re-rip these files as they have sounded good so far.

I was looking into using the MKA container (I'm a huge fan of MKVs) and it looks like it should be possible to do this, I just have a couple questions about it and I'm not actually sure how to do it. 

1) Can MKAs actually do what I want them to?
2) How do I mux these types of albums into an MKA in a way that preserves the individual tags (many tracks even on the same album may have different artists)
3) I use the Album Art Panel component in foobar to view the scans in the folders alongside the rips I have now, Would foobar/this component automatically be able to read album art in an MKA?  Or is there another suitable alternative?
4) Would ReplayGain work in this setup?

Thanks for the help in advance!


Creating A Single File Per Album From Individual Tracks

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@SCOTU, I spent a few hours yesterday looking into the exact same subject :-)
Before I give you some useful links which I found, I'd like to add another question into this thread...

I have Lossless albums with individual tracks at 24-bit 96-khz, and I would like to mux them into a single MKV container with a CUE sheet (or similar),
Could someone here give some definitive advice and instruction, it would be very helpful, thanks :-)

@SCOTU, back to your question:
If you are dealing with MP3 or Lossless @ 16-bit 44-khz (ie, CD quality) then this guide will walk you through the process:

GUIDE - Creating a single MKA file from an audio CD - "Exact Audio Copy" Forum
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Also... read the official guide for "MKVMerge GUI":

Useful Threads:
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HA Forums - Mastroska as a general audio-container

HA Forums - Matroska Chapter Issues

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