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Re: foo_run 0.3.8

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using 0.3.8 and f2k 1.5b19 on win7 64bit (and this "problem" has been since I posted the first time in 2016)

The component runs smooth and loyal all the years,
sometimes I get the error:
Code: [Select]
Run: Cannot execute
With ALL Programs I configured (about 70). No matter, if started via keyboard-shortcut or context-menu.

That "error" comes without anything which indicates me, what the cause could be, neither is it reproducable. I'm hunting it a few years now :-D but no success ;-(

Restarting f2k helps and everything works as expected.

Anyone experiencing similar or has an idea what could be the cause?

I just don't want to restart f2k, I think, everybody here can understand :-)

Re: foo_run 0.3.8

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How do I remove the final slash from this cmd?
Code: [Select]
r128gain -a -r -s -c 1 "$substr(%_path%,0,$strrchr(%_path%,'\'))"
results in
Code: [Select]
r128gain -a -r -s -c 1 "F:\Music\_Artists\The Chemical Brothers\1999 - Hey Boy Hey Girl\"
r128gain doesn't want trailing slashes, so I want this:
Code: [Select]
r128gain -a -r -s -c 1 "F:\Music\_Artists\The Chemical Brothers\1999 - Hey Boy Hey Girl"

Re: foo_run 0.3.8

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Code: [Select]
r128gain -a -r -s -c 1 "$directory_path(%_path%)"

Re: foo_run 0.3.8

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Trying to get mp3tag working.
It's been a while since I've run this but it worked when my mp3tag portable path didn't contain spaces.
Here's the command I'm trying to use:

Code: [Select]
"W:\Apps (Portable)\Music Apps\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe" "%_path%"

It throws this error:

Failed to execute service!
Commandline: W:\Apps
I think it's due to the fact the app is not in the C drive so I have to find a way to cd into it and this run the exe.

PS Florian the link: is also returning a privacy error on chrome. I was trying to look up the help docs but can't because it also ends up in a 404 page.

Sorted with wrapping the ( and ) with '.

Code: [Select]
"W:\Apps '('Portable')'\Music Apps\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe" "%_path%"

Re: foo_run 0.3.8

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^Check how you specify the path to the external .exe file.
Specify the path using "..." in the component settings window. The .exe file path and %path% must be in " " separately, as shown in your example.

Re: foo_run 0.3.8

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Code: [Select]
explorer /select, "%_path%"

This will open directories ok.
How to send a wait between.

When I check the [ ] Wait option in the preferences, it returns this error.

Code: [Select]
Open Directories returned error code.

Commandline: explorer /select, "Z:\Music\_LOSSLESS\Z.I.P.P.O, Par Grindvik, Ritzi Lee, Echoplex, Jeroen Search\Collected Works Remixes (2015-06-08) [FLAC, 16-44.1, WEB] {INV007}\1.001. Z.I.P.P.O - Scrape (Pär Grindvik's Ocean Drive SS16 Remix).flac"

Re: foo_run 0.3.8

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Hello everyone

For all those who use the Telegram messaging service, here I provide my foo_run code to be able to send their mp3s to the different chats or groups they have on Telegram desktop.

Code: [Select]
Send to Telegram
Code: [Select]
"E:\Apps\Apps Files\Telegram\Telegram.exe" -sendpath "$substr(%_path%,0,$strrchr(%_path%,'\'))%filename_ext%"

They just have to specify the path where they have the program installed (Telegram.exe), in my case I had to specify the full path because my installation is portable.

The next step would be to associate it with a key (optional), which by selecting the file and pressing that key will open the Telegram desktop application, and then we select the chat or group to which we want to send the mp3 and we send it.

I used a translator to explain this, since English is not my native language. I hope it is understood

I hope you find it useful and thank you very much

Re: foo_run 0.3.8

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Hi there!
Why I can't open a file inside the mp3DirectCut with the below code?

"C:\P O R T A B L E S\AUDIO\mp3DirectCut\mp3DirectCut.exe" "%_path%"

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Forget it ... I managed to open it, but before I had to open it through the Library. Only after that I managed to open it through the Playlist.
EDIT2: Many thanks for this component!!!!

Re: foo_run 0.3.8

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FWIW, can anybody explain to me the purpose of using "%_path%" instead of just "%path%"?  I use the latter on all my Run Services property paths and everything works just fine.

Re: foo_run 0.3.8

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%_whatever% is equivalent to $info(whatever)

%path% is an alias to %_path%, but does not mean that other info fields have similar aliases.

Re: foo_run 0.3.8

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Thank you kode54.

Re: foo_run 0.3.8

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Hello everyone.

I would like to send all the audio files selected in my playlist to a program, but every time I try, only one file (the first one)  is sent. Could someone tell me which command to send all selected files?

Thanks in advance!

Re: foo_run 0.3.8

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Maybe try foo_run_group from here.
It is a japanese site. To download click the last button on the page (see attached).
Works perfect on my side for multiple selected playlist items, e.g. with youtube-dl.

Re: foo_run 0.3.8

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Thanks for the help, but in my case it doesn't work as you would expect. It opens an instance of the program for each file and still does not load the file into the program.

Thank you anyway!

Re: foo_run 0.3.8

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I found a solution for myself and I would like to share here:

Code: [Select]
"C:\Program Files\SpecificSoftware\SpecificSoftwareHere.exe" "$substr(%_path%,0,$strrchr(%_path%,'\'))"

That way, I can load all the files in the folder of the specific file I selected (playlist or library), into the desired program. That way meets what I intended.  :)

Re: foo_run 0.3.8

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This may be a bug.

I'm having an issue where the window doesn't close after running it. Escape or clicking X or the Abort does not have an affect.

The only way to close it is to close FB.

The version of FB is the latest. v1.5

I'm trying to open a new tab in FreeCommander.

See here:

Here are my settings
Label: Open Directories in FreeCommander
Path: "W:\Apps '('Portable')'\FreeCommanderXE\FreeCommander.exe" /T /L="$replace(%_path%,%_filename_ext%,)"

Re: foo_run 0.3.8

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Maybe it's waiting for the FreeCommander.exe process to terminate.

Re: foo_run 0.3.8

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Maybe it's waiting for the FreeCommander.exe process to terminate.
 Ah, I never thought of closing FreeCommander as I thought it didn't make sense after all I'm sending the command to open it.

The solution was to:
1. Close FC
2. Reopen FC
3. Run the command again.

It appears FC needs to be already open otherwise there's some timing issues or something.

Is there any way to avoid this?

Re: foo_run 0.3.8

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It's not so much a timing issue, as that the instance your run command starts decides to remain open as the persistent instance, rather than launching another instance.

Re: foo_run 0.3.8

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Not sure I get you.

This issue arises when FreeCommander is not open so there are no instances of the app at the time of running the plugin.

Re: foo_run 0.3.8

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Can someone tell my why VLC will not launch? I added a serice and the path I put in is "C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" "%_path%", what did I do wrong?;sa=tmpattach;attach=post_tmp_69229_306f4dc00a81aecb12120ad351ad28ee;topic=45223;sa=tmpattach;attach=post_tmp_69229_9826f41f8f835edd6a5af7ed0d9282d7;topic=45223

Re: foo_run 0.3.8

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^ Perhaps you could just use -

Code: [Select]
vlc.exe "%_path%"

(Reply #588 had that working)

Re: foo_run 0.3.8

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I know it is simple but I jacked up the link for VLC, had this all set and my computer crashed, here I am with same iisue in that darn link....HELP PLEASE

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