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Re: iPod manager

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So... the embedded covers in all the files on the iPod are completely superfluous and can be removed to free up quite a lot of space?
Yes (but if you modify the files on the iPod directly rather than the originals, and then use the Sync command, it may resync the files).

(A bit out of topic I admit, but what's your take on this: instead of going through the process of removing the embedded artwork from the files on the iPod, should I just go ahead and do a full factory reset and readd my music? Just wondering if such removal of embedded covers would introduce quite a bit of fragmentation to files added after that process, with the embedded art now being gone.)
iTunes and this component take certain measures to avoid specific cases of both FAT32 and fragmentation performance problems, so it is a valid concern in general. However, I'm not sure fragmented music files would cause huge problems in itself. Typically, you'll see problems if e.g. opening a file in a large directory takes a long time, or finding an artwork image in the database takes a long time. Nonetheless, if free space gets fragmented, it could cause other things to become fragmented over time. (That's my take from the top of my head and not being able to remember the last time I defragmented a hard drive...)

P.s. So with foo_dop handling the transfer, resizing and iPod database operations for the artwork, I understand there is no way to change the artwork manually, and the process always works from what art there is on the album in Foobar's media library?
Yes, that's roughly right.

Also, Foobar doesn't seem to display the artwork as on the iPod itself in its album art panel, instead only showing embedde or in-folder art. I presume this is totally normal?
That's correct, it doesn't know anything about the images in the iPod's database and the component doesn't tell it anything about them either. I think there is a debugging tool hidden in the source code for viewing the images, but it was pretty basic and I don't think it was included in any public release.

Re: iPod manager

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Alright, thanks! :)

That potential fragmentation of free space that you mentioned was what I had in mind: have music with embedded artwork - used space is nice and non-fragmented -> remove said embedded artwork -> lots of small pockets of free space, over which newly transferred files would be spread out.

I ended up deciding on a clean factory reset and readding my music to get it all nice and neatly in there. It wasn't that big of a chore after all, and as a bonus I got to go over my music library and leave out stuff I knew I wouldn't be listening to that much on the iPod, so I ended up with more free space than just removing the unnecesary artwork would have release. Win-win.  8)

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