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Hi, I am trying to get your plugin working on my system. I am running Windows Vista. I have installed the TLS 1.2 patches and enabled them on my system, but I still get authentication errors. However, I can successfully authenticate when manually sending OAuth commands using curl. I took some packet captures and from what I can find, even though TLS 1.2 is enabled on my system, Vista does not support the "modern" ciphers needed (as listed here:, which is what is causing the authentication to fail.

From what I understand, curl and other browsers (besides Internet Explorer) use their own crypto libraries and thus are not directly dependent on what the OS provides or supports.

Not being familiar with the foobar plugin architecture, would it be possible to use e.g. libcurl for network communications instead of the built-in Windows libraries?

Also, does the plugin really need to use OAuth Authentication, or would it be possible to use Discogs Authentication? It looks like it wouldn't need the user to generate their own tokens, so the plugin should work right out of the box.

Thanks for any insight!

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