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Topic: FB2k 0.9 foo_unpack 7z-support? (Read 3049 times) previous topic - next topic
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FB2k 0.9 foo_unpack 7z-support?

I've packed all my mod-files in individual 7zip-archives which worked fine when used with foobar 0.83.

Today, i tried to play them with 0.9 and got an "unrecognized/invalid" fileformat error. I first thought that maybe the archive was damaged so i tried a different file - same result. Then i tried to exclude foo_dumb as error-source by packing an mp3 to 7z (using latest stable 7zip libs) - again, same result.

Was 7-zip support dropped from foo_unpack or is this a bug?

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FB2k 0.9 foo_unpack 7z-support?

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I have similar problem. I use .7z with no compression to archive my albums (mp3, mpc etc.). Fb2k 0.8.3 and 0.9 beta worked fine, but 0.9 RC gives me error, for example
"Could not load info (Unsupported file format) from: "N:\....XXXXXX (mp3 lyrics lame3.92vbr).7z"
I use 7z format as only 7z in opposition to ZIP or even RAR can handle all "strange" characters like french "e grave" in filenames and so on. I have some french, spanish and portugal music and I want to use "special" chars not only in tags but also in filenames (because I use foobar's file rename function and it doesn't give me an easy option to remove "non-6-bit-ASCII" chars).

FB2k 0.9 foo_unpack 7z-support?

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Was 7-zip support dropped from foo_unpack or is this a bug?
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It doesn't mention 7zip in the description during installation anymore, so I'd guess dropped for now


FB2k 0.9 foo_unpack 7z-support?

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Is it going to be re-integrated? Or was it dropped for legal reasons (GPL)?

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